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October 31, 1993 


Rio's Attic - Over Two Thousand Web Pages Celebrating the Life and Times of River Phoenix.  Are you looking for information on River?  Then this is the best place to start!

The River Phoenix Pages - Another great informational site on River.  It also has the best listing Iíve found of music related to River and has a lot of magazine interviews (including those from my personal collection).

EHRENSTEINLAND belongs to David ďEĒ and has two fabulous photos of River from the time that he had bleached his hair blonde.  They were taken at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood in 1991.  Just click on SEARCH and type in River Phoenix.  This will give you a list of photos to choose from.  Then just click on the two choices that apply to River.  I believe these photos were shown on the A&E Biography of River, but I have never seen them published anywhere else.  I asked David if any of his books had these two photos of River in them and he said no.  Maybe if we are lucky heíll put them in a future book.  We can only hope.

VIDEODETECTIVE.COM has the trailers/previews for 11 of Riverís films available for viewing.  Check them out!


EarthSave International's web site now has a 6 minute "Tribute to John Robbins" video which briefly shows some rare photos of River in it. Check it out when you get a chance.

August 29, 2003