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October 31, 1993 


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In His Own Words



Amor De Mis Amores



Who You'd Be Today



River Phoenix Tribute Video

This video is a tribute to River’s life and beliefs.  It was created using photos which span River’s life from baby to adult.  These photos are intermingled with River quotes taken from various magazine articles.  The audio is Pachelbel—Canon in D. 



Our Revels Now Are Ended

This video is a tribute to River as an actor.  It was created using photos of River in film stills and other photos directly related to his film career.  The audio is Track 10 (Epilogue) from Marianne Faithful’s Secret Life album.  The video is approximately 3 minutes 13 seconds long.


Go Rest High On That Mountain

This video is directed at River’s passing over to the next journey.  It was created using photos of River as an adult.  The audio is a song called “Go Rest High On That Mountain” by Vince Gill.  The video is approximately 3 minutes 17 seconds long.



Nature Boy

"I grew up totally cut off from the main  world. I was really a different kid. I've been around the movie business, so I can play it cool and all that, but when people are different, they have that off thing about them. Their whole presence is just a little innocent, I think.” - River Phoenix at age fifteen

With this video I have tried to capture the incredible innocent presence (and magical quality) that River personified.  It was created using photos of River from My River Phoenix Collection.  The audio is the song Nature Boy sung by Nat King Cole.



Early Audition

This short clip was shown on Inside Edition back in 1996.  It shows a very early audition of River's from about 1980.



Evolution's End?

This short clip is from the documentary Evolution's End.  It shows a brief interview done with River at a Save The Forests rally in Washington D.C. The clip is approximately 42 seconds long.


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